Do You Need A Mold Remediation License In Florida?

by | Jun 23, 2022

Finding mold in your home or commercial building can be frightening however, mold remediators can take care of the mold for you by detecting it, removing it, and helping prevent it from coming back. But did you know that in the state of Florida, these technicians have to be qualified? Read on to learn about mold remediation licenses and how they guarantee high-quality services.

What Is Mold Remediation?

Mold remediation includes every process involved in removing mold growth: mold, detection, mold testing, mold removal, removing contaminants from the air, sanitization, containment, and thorough mold cleaning.

As it’s nearly impossible to remove mold completely, mold remediation aims to move mold levels to a harmless point. This prevents the harmful effects of mold on your health and preserves your home’s cleanliness and building integrity.

What Is A Mold Remediation License?

In the state of Florida, you require a mold remediation license in order to access or remediate mold. This license standardizes the mold remediation process. Standardizing the process ensures property owners receive sufficient, quality services.

To receive a license, technicians submit a copy of their Mold Remediation Contractor Training Course Certificate of Completion, which must come from a State-approved training provider.

A company cannot have a license, only individuals. When hiring a mold remediator, always ensure the technician is actively licensed. Their company should have all relevant insurances to perform mold work in Florida.

Why Is A License Necessary?

Some unqualified “mold remediators†will do a great job making your home appear mold-free, but won’t give you the depth of service that a licensed mold remediator is trained to provide.

A license certifies that a technician has the appropriate qualifications and training to complete the job correctly and thoroughly. Without this certification, there’s nothing that guarantees quality service. When working with a licensed remediator, you know they won’t cut corners, and they’ll have deep insight into any existing mold problems or issues that could arise in the future.

To receive a license, mold remediators have to learn all about the causes of mold. They help you to prevent future mold growth by spotting it before it’s begun. You can save thousands on property maintenance costs by being preemptive about issues such as mold.

While a mold remediation license guarantees the standard of service, it says nothing about the customer service, punctuality, or reliability of a specific mold remediator.

After ensuring a technician has the right qualifications, find out about the quality of service. A good mold remediator is qualified, a great mold remediator is qualified, punctual, reliable, respectful, and will talk you through the process. Understanding what causes mold can help limit mold growth in the future, which saves you time and money while keeping your home in tip-top condition.

Mold Remediation Services You Can Trust

By now, you should understand what a mold remediation license is, as well as why it’s essential. Mold remediation is about more than appearances, it’s about understanding why there’s a problem in the first place.

Here at Restoration Maintenance, our mold remediators are trained, qualified, and provide first-class service! For reliable and trustworthy service, request a free quote or give us a call at 954-807-4721 if you have any questions.

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