Explaining The Fire Damage Restoration Process

by | Oct 28, 2022

A house fire can cause a lot of physical and emotional damage. It is a stressful situation for anyone to be in, but Restoration Maintenance is here to help. We’ll explain the fire damage restoration process so you’re armed with the information you need, whatever situation you may find yourself in.

The Initial Call

At this stage, the restoration company will assess the situation and prioritize what needs to be done. Damage will be estimated so that a plan can be put in place. We will ask a few questions to begin the process.

The Homeowners Role

We often get asked if the homeowner can do any cleaning up of the home on a surface level, before the team steps in to perform their necessary tasks. The answer is yes, within the safety boundaries. Depending on the level of damage, the homeowner should wear essential protective wear such as long sleeves, long pants, and rubber gloves. You can find an efficient respirator mask to protect you from the soot and dust particles at most hardware stores. The homeowner can clean most surface areas, but more intricate surfaces and materials should be left to the professionals.

Inspection And Pre-Testing

When the pre-testing phase begins, restoration professionals will use a spotting kit. They will present you with the necessary paperwork to inspect the damage. A discussion will be had about what they see and what needs to be looked at.

Gauging The Damage

Once the scope has been finished, this will serve as an estimation for damage. The customer will read through the documentation to confirm all details and sign it off. We will then contact the insurance adjuster to verify that the owner of the property is covered for repairs. A discussion about expected costs will take place, and we will make an anticipated date for the completion of work.

Restoration Services

Now the restoration services can begin. The technicians will first remove any items from the premises. If any roof boarding is necessary, it will happen at the beginning of the clean-up process. Then, any excess water and moisture from the fire extinguisher will be cleaned up. After this, soot clean-up can take place. It’s important that the property is sanitized with special disinfectant. In the final step, property reconstruction can begin.

Post Restoration

Once the restoration is complete, you can expect a walk-through of the property to ensure that all the initial requirements have been met. This is done for the homeowner as well as for the insurance company. Once this has been done, the customer will need to sign a certificate of satisfaction to prove that everything has been done according to plan. We will communicate with the insurance adjuster that the work has been completed, and discuss any concerns with the house that might have been found.

Fire Damage Restoration In South Florida

If you’re looking for restoration maintenance, you’ve come to the right place. Restoration Maintenance offer a 24/7 emergency hotline for all your needs, including storm damage clean-up, disinfecting services, and sewage and mold treatment, to name a few. Contact us today for a free quote at 954-807-4721.

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