How Can Duct Cleaning Improve Air Quality

by | Sep 23, 2022

Air ducts serve a great purpose in bringing us clean, cool air from our HVAC systems but they don’t stay clean, not forever. Take cars, for example, have you ever noticed how dust and other dirt accumulates in the cabin? In the same way, your car needs to be cleaned routinely, so do the air ducts in your home.

Let’s have a look at some of the contaminants first and then at how duct cleaning and air quality go hand in hand.

Allergens – The Usual Suspects

Having come out of the worst of Covid-19, respiratory health is front and center in most people’s minds. Looking after your breathing has never been more important than it is today. Most homes contain a host of allergens that may affect your and your loved one’s lung health.


Asthma sufferers, unfortunately, feel this pain the most. In a home, dust is one of the biggest culprits of allergies. Since we help create the dust with dead skin cells, there’s no wonder there is so much of it in our homes! Dust will accumulate in your air ducts and get transported throughout the house. Traces of dust remain in the air ducts and build up over time.


Another major allergen in the home is pollen. With all the beautifully landscaped homes in South Florida and the Everglades on our doorstep, there’s no shortage of pollen! These tiny particles also come into our homes through day-to-day ingress and egress. The pollen particles will also collect in the air ducts.

Mildew And Mold

With the high humidity levels in South Florida, mold and mildew are also no strangers to our homes. Molds love to grow in areas where there may be a leak or a regular build-up of humid air. Since you can’t see inside the ducts, you may not know that a mold colony is growing there! Getting a reputable local maintenance company to clean that out is best.

Pet Dander

In the same way we shed skin cells, our pets do too! Yep, it’s called pet dander. It may have a fancy name, but it’s as bad for your lungs if you’re allergic to it. The American Lung Association reports that 62% of American homes have pets, so pet allergies can be a real threat to air quality.

Unwelcome Guests


When we talk about vermin, we’re talking about rodents and insects that can cause infestations. These small animals will seek out warm, dry places to call home. As such, these little critters could end up blocking the airflow and degrading the air quality with their nests.

Duct Cleaning – The Simple Solution

Cleaning & Maintenance

The simplest way to deal with all the above is to schedule regular duct cleaning. The process involves cleaning all inner duct surfaces and removing contaminants that have built up. All mold that is identified is then cleaned using disinfectant detergents. It’s helpful to get a restoration and maintenance contractor to do the cleaning as they will be able to identify any leaks and holes in your air ducts.

Clean Air Con Fans And Coils

Dust accumulates in the fans and coils of your HVAC system. This will negatively impact the system’s ability to cool the house efficiently and effectively. You’ll lose your comfort and feel it in your wallet as the energy bills increase. With the dust blown out of the units, it keeps them operating optimally.

Oakland Park’s Duct Cleaning Specialists

We have over 25 years of combined experience in the business and our satisfied client base trusts us with their home maintenance needs. If you think it’s time to have the ducts cleaned, call us at 954-281-2155. We also have a 24/7 emergency response, so we’re ready to serve!

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