Steps For Effective Water Extraction From Your Home

by | Aug 26, 2022

As a homeowner in Broward, Miami-Dade, or Palm Beach Counties, you understand how detrimental water damage can be when a flood emergency occurs. Proper water extraction helps stop this damage before it spreads. A company specializing in water removal can help restore your home or business back to its original condition.

Whether it’s a leaky pipe or a rainstorm causing significant flooding, hiring water restoration and removal specialists in South Florida can give you the peace of mind as a home or business owner.

What To Do After A Flood Emergency

There are steps to follow after an emergency before any water extraction can occur:

Turn Off Water

Turning off the water is the first thing that should be done. Homes and commercial properties have a water main that draws water from the street. If you don’t know where this supply line is, trace the pipes back until you can find it.

Inspect Damage

Always look closely for damage. Don’t assume that fans will dry all standing water. Look for electrical issues or cracks in the foundation.

Take Pictures

Before calling your insurance company, take photos of any damage or standing water. This helps ensure they cover any loss that occurred because of the emergency.

Call Insurer

Make a report to your insurance company regarding the incident, including all property damage and loss of items in the home or office building.

Hire A Water Extraction Company

Lastly, you will need to hire professionals who specialize in removing any excess water in South Florida.

The Water Extraction Process

A professional water extraction company will follow these important steps to ensure all standing water is removed and your home or commercial property is restored to its original condition:

Shut Off Water Source

Much like after the emergency, the water source must be shut down to prevent any water flow.

Assess Damage

Next, the company will assess the situation, including any damage to create a customized restoration plan. Diagnostic testing is conducted to detect bacteria or mold and to determine the safety of humans and pets in the home.


Cleanup uses safety gear and special equipment like truck-mounted vacuums or submersible pumps to extract standing water. This will help stop water damage from spreading and prevent mold growth, which can be harmful to your health.

Dry Out Area And Materials

Once the water has been adequately removed, all floors, walls, and other materials must be dried out completely. This is the most important step, as it helps prevent swelling or warping that may cause a weakening of the structure.

Dehumidifiers and industrial fans are used to reduce humidity and dry out the wood, carpet, furniture, drywall, and more. Water restoration specialists use instruments to measure moisture levels until they return to a safe level. This process allows a home or business owner to salvage as much of the original material as possible, which reduces the cost of restoring the property.

Cleaning And Odor Removal

A thorough cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of the home is important. A portable filtration system can help remove any lingering smells after water extraction services.

Water Extraction Specialists In South Florida

At Restoration Maintenance is a professional team dedicated to water extraction, mold remediation, storm damage cleanup, drywall repair, and more. We understand these emergencies 24/7, so our team is always available to chat about what you need and to schedule an inspection. We can also help you with your insurance claim, too.

To learn more about water extraction, call our South Florida team at 954-281-2155 or use our online help request form so we can contact you for more details.

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