When To Consider Getting Mold Remediation

by | Feb 23, 2023

Ever notice a musty smell around your home? You could have mold, a common occurrence in many homes throughout South Florida.

Learning to identify mold in and around your home will help you to know when to get mold remediation. Here are five signs that it’s time to get your mold sorted out:

Musty Odor

Certain molds give off a strong, musty odor. This mildew-like smell can be very off-putting and shouldn’t be ignored. Be on the lookout for a moldy smell after a long trip away. Mold grows in locked-up homes, so you may return to a mold problem.

Once you’ve identified the smell, be on the lookout for mold spots. Be sure to check under carpets, on walls, and behind curtains. If you’re unsure how to locate the mold, it’s best to call in a mold remediation expert. They’ll have the correct tools needed to locate and remove all the mold.

Water Damage

Humidity is a friend of mold. It thrives in hot and humid areas, and South Florida has its fair share of humidity. Any sign of a water leak combined with humidity is a breeding ground for mold.

Signs to watch out for include peeling wallpaper, as well as wall and ceiling cracks. If water lingers for any period, you could well have mold. It’s best to conduct a full plumbing inspection around your home to prevent water leaks.

Dark Spots

Any dark spots on your walls should never be ignored. They may be particularly prevalent in your bathrooms or basement area. Mold feeds on organic material and presents in the form of dark spots on your walls. This can even lead to paint discoloration if left for long enough.

Remember that not all molds are dark or black. Some are gray, brown, pink, or even thread-like in appearance. If you see any unusual spots on your walls, call in the mold remediation specialists as soon as possible. Worried that there may be mold on your drywall? Be sure to get all your dry walls checked out too.


If you have a sensitivity to allergies, mold may cause bodily irritation. Mold allergies can present with irritable eyes, coughing, a runny nose, and even parched skin in severe cases. Be sure to check out the full range of mold allergy symptoms.

If you or a family member have noticed increased allergy symptoms, it could well be caused by mold. It’s never wise to compromise your family’s health. Call the mold remediation specialists before the allergies get too bad.


This may sound like a strange one. Condensation occurs when moisture-laden air meets a cold surface. This releases water droplets onto the surface, causing moisture build-up. This inevitably leads to mold growth. Be sure to get your air ducts checked regularly for moisture.

A good practice to adopt is temperature regulation. By keeping a constant temperature throughout your home, you’ll avoid these moisture build-ups. Installing a humidifier in your bathrooms is also advisable to regulate these humid areas.

Mold Remediation In South Florida

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For all home restorative services, call Restoration Maintenance at 954-807-4721.

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