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by | Nov 24, 2022

Leaky or broken pipes can cause serious water damage. Heavy rainfall can also cause big problems, especially if there is a leak in your foundation or roof. Even with concrete foundations, standing water can create serious issues.

For the safety of your family, home, or business, it is important to have the water extracted. Left untreated, standing water can also cause damage to a building’s structure. Promptly addressing the problem causing the leak and contacting your local water extraction company will save you extensive clean-up and repair costs later.

How Water Gets Into the Home

If you experience a flood or heavy rainfall, water can seep in through cracks in your home’s foundation. It can also leak in through your roof and under doors.

Water accumulation coming from inside the building is usually due to a broken or leaky pipe. Even leaving a faucet on and unattended can cause indoor flooding.

To reduce the risk of water in your home or business, you should make sure that all the plumbing is maintained and repair any damage to rooftops and foundations before they become a problem.

Consequences of Water Accumulation Inside

Sometimes it isn’t just freshwater or saltwater that enters the home. Chemicals and other toxins can collect in rain or flood waters. As the water drips from rooftops and runs over other areas, it can accumulate any of the harsh toxins it comes across. This can create a serious safety issue for people and pets.

Mold and bacteria also thrive in moist conditions and stagnant water. Certain types of molds can cause skin irritation and even lead to breathing complications in some individuals. The CDC states that those with mold allergies might suffer much more severe breathing issues.

Structural damage is also a concern with standing water. Water can seep into carpets and even into the cracks of unsealed floors, requiring costly repairs.

How a Water Extraction Company Removes Water

Restoration Maintenance tests the standing water to check for any harsh chemicals or toxins. This helps water extraction experts know what they are dealing with and if the home is safe for people or pets to remain inside.

A combination of pumps and vacuums is typically used to remove the water inside a building. It is important to use a professional water removal company to ensure all the water is removed. Water can seep deep into cracks. Removing water from these cracks is vital for preventing further damage and mold growth.

Does Insurance Cover Water Extraction?

Insurance often covers services from water extraction companies. At Restoration Maintenance we will communicate with your insurance company for you. We can try and help you get your insurance company to cover water extraction services and other water damages.

You can rest assured that we will remove all standing water, repair all water damage, and work diligently with your insurance company to help get these services are covered.

Your Local Water Extraction Company Can Help

Regardless of the reasons for the water accumulation in your home or business, Restoration Maintenance is here to help.

Water extraction professionals can remove all existing water, test for toxins and mold, and work with your insurance company. We can also assess and replace drywall damaged by water.

Restoration Maintenance are available 24/7 and can respond promptly to emergency water damage situations. Contact us today for a free quote or give us a call at 954-807-4721.

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